Kingsburg, CA

Before we left Bakersfield we went to get a picture of this shoe-shaped shoe repair shop.  It was built in 1947.  It’s had a few owners over time, but you can still get your shoes fixed here.
Big Shoe Repair
We went 90 miles north to a Passport America RV park not too far from the entrances to Sequoia National Park.  We’ll go check that out tomorrow.  After we got settled we drove to the nearby town of Kingsburg.  To keep up with the town’s Swedish history they have most retail businesses designed in Swedish architecture.  They even have a Swedish coffee pot water tower.
Kingsburg, CA
 The drive to Kingsburg was mainly flat agriculture land.  We saw many fields of grape vines, oranges, nectarines, peaches, cherries, walnuts, pistachios, almonds.  They signed the fields!!  I loved that!  Also, Kingsburg is where the headquarters for Sunmaid Raisins is, perhaps we will explore that tomorrow before we go look at the big trees.
 Also nearby is a tourist stop, Bravo Cheese Shoppe.  The usual souvenir place with nuts and dried fruits, jams and jellies, etc. loads of antiques, and a restaurant, but with lots of character.  You can also look through a glass window and watch them make cheese in the next room, but not today (Sunday).  This is also California Dairy country, we did see several large animal factories, with thousands of milk cows.
Tree House at Bravo Farms
Bravo Farms
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