Sequoia National Park

We knew visiting Sequoia National Park would be risky when we came this way, but thought we would take our chances anyway.  It was a bit of a drive from our RV to the entrance to the park but that’s ok.  The drive there was nice, lined with orchards of oranges almost all the way, and we enjoyed the view of the mountains of Sequoia National Park in the distance.
The morning drive
There are not a lot of roads in the park and the ones that are there are narrow winding mountain roads.  We learned that there was road construction about 15 miles in and beyond that it is required to have chains on your car tires because of snow in the higher elevations.  This is something that can change daily, so perhaps tomorrow or the next day we can go without the chains.  We were not interested in doing the tire chains thing so we just drove up to where the construction began and parked there and hiked around.  The weather was cool, but not too bad for a hike. We walked down a road that led to a campground that was closed for the season, so there was no traffic allowed on it.  
Bernie thinks he can do some rock climbing.
There were some nice views.
Tunnel Rock is a huge granite boulder beneath which the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps – a public work relief program during the Great Depression) dug a tunnel for the roadway in 1938.  The road now bypasses the “tunnel” but visitors can walk beneath it.
Tunnel Rock
On the way back to the RV we chose to take the back roads.  We drove past miles of groves of oranges and plums and olives and lemons and grapefruits, stopping to take a picture of the blooming trees.
Trees in bloom (Almonds?)
We did not see a Sequoia tree.
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