Raisins and Big Trees

The RV park we are in is just across the street from the Sun-Maid Raisins processing plant.  So, naturally, we had to go see.  They have a very nice store next to the office.  We saw a little video and made some purchases.  Most of the grapes grown in this area are for raisins, not wine.  This part of California claims to be the raisin capitol of the world.
Sun-Maid Headquarters
The grapes are picked in September,
and left to “sun dry”
for two to three weeks.
 A few miles away you can find the World’s Largest California Dancing Raisin in the lobby of the Spike & Rail restaurant in Selma, California.  We went for a late breakfast.  Nice place, good food.
Worlds Largest California Dancing Raisin
 Next, on to see some big trees.  Today we went in to Sequoia National Park at a different entrance.  There are still closed roads, so we couldn’t see everything we wanted to see, but we were able to see some of the big Sequoia trees. 
I spotted these in a hallway at the Visitor Center.
 We are in the snow again.  At an elevation of around 6,000 feet.  My goodness, there are some big tees here!  You have to see them to really appreciate the size, photos just don’t do it.
Trees dwarf the camper below.
Please stay on the trail. 😦
Bernie inside a fallen Sequoia tree.
See the tiny human sneaking up to the tree?  
Grant Tree is the second largest tree in the world.
We were unable to see the largest one because
of the closed roads.
Awesome views at 7,000 feet
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