London Bridge

In 1967 Robert P. McCulloch bought a bridge in London, had it dismantled and shipped here to be reassembled on land near Lake Havasu to create a tourist attraction for the city being developed here.  Then completed a canal under the bridge to create an island in the lake.  Each block of the bridge was numbered so it could be reassembled accurately.  You can still see some of the number markings.  The bridge was completed in 1971.
London Bridge
Around the newly created island and along the shoreline of the lake the city needed navigation lights to enhance safety for boaters.  They got the idea to place these lights inside miniature lighthouses.  They are all replicas of well known lighthouses in the United States.  Most are approximately 1/3 the size of the originals.  We found this one that is the replica of Split Rock Lighthouse that is on Lake Superior in Minnesota.  Cool!
1/3 Replica of Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota
We were lucky enough to be at the bridge when they were attempting to create a new record for the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest number of people to line dance on the London Bridge.  I have not heard any actual statistics yet, but I’m sure they were successful.  They did the Electric Slide twice. A bonus was when four military helicopters did a fly-over and everyone cheered.
3,000 line dancers on the bridge

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