Parker, AZ

Finished with the Lake Havasu area for this year we left Craggy Wash today and went about an hour’s drive south to Parker, Arizona.  We decided on this Walmart to shop and probably stay overnight.  I believe this is the very first Walmart I have seen that actually has its parking lot striped for RV parking.  There must have been 25 RV’s in the lot when we arrived, giving it the look of an RV park.  Most have left, I guess they were only getting supplies.  But more are arriving as I type this.
We drove out to the local casino to see what the parking there was like, and it must have had 40 RV’s in its parking lot and more arriving every minute.  This is not a big town, but it is on the Colorado River and there are RV resorts, RV dealers, one casino, and an RV show in town, so RV’s are everywhere.
Walmart in Parker, AZ
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