The Good Sam Rally

We left Mesa Regal this morning and went back to the west side of Phoenix to the Phoenix International Raceway where the big Good Sam RV Rally is.  It officially begins tomorrow, but we opted for a one day early arrival.  So did a lot of other people.  We waited in line to enter, waited in the “will call” line to pick up our registration packet, then waited in the staging area for a while until someone came to escort us to our spot where we will spend the next five nights.  It sounds awful, but they really were pretty organized and didn’t take much more than an hour to get final parked.  Still, we’re glad we came today instead of tomorrow, it’s gonna be crazy.
Waiting in line at the entrance
 And I thought there were a lot of rigs at Quartzite in January.  This is going to be bigger.
Just getting started at filling just one of the parking areas.
Our home for the next 5 nights.
Once we got settled we hopped on the tram and went in to the show grounds.  It’s all in the in-field of the Phoenix International Raceway.  All we could do there today was register at the registration tent and wait around until 3:00 when the RV sales area opened for viewing.  We walked around and looked inside several of the 2013 model RV’s.  There were some pretty awesome ones there, some that were over-the-top luxurious along with over-the-top prices.  We agreed that we are quite pleased with our current rig.

New rigs staged for viewing.

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