The Rally, Thursday

There was free coffee and entertainment first thing this morning.  Adam “Crack” Winrich (from Wisconsin) entertained us with harmonica playing, trick roping, and bullwhip cracking and some laughs.
Two flaming bullwhips
Gabby Hayes made an appearance
Then it was the usual events, a big tent filled with vendors, and lots of walking and viewing.  Bernie went his way and I went mine.  I attended seminars on “RVing 101” and one about improving cell phone and data card reception, while Bernie found seminars on how to get bugs off the front of your rig, and a seminar about RV tires and tire safety, and AC electrical system safety, and another seminar on RV exterior care.  Fun huh?
Vintage RV on Display
A slide-out within a slide-out.
This rig was “on sale” for about $249,000.
Lots more people arrived today.  I heard stories from some of them of how they had to wait in the staging area for three hours before they were escorted to their campsite.  I’m glad we opted for the early arrival.
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