Big Decision

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would RV full-time.  Sure, the thought crossed our minds recently, but we never seriously considered it.  During our travels the last few years we have met several people who RV full-time.  Every one of them said how they love it and had no regrets.  Many have been doing it for several years…6 years, 10 years, etc.

Then, at the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix, Arizona, last month we attended some seminars on full-timing and came to the conclusion that this can be a reality for us.  We just finished our third year as snowbirds, this last winter in our “new” rig which was quite comfortable.

A trip to Alaska for a summer is on our bucket list.  Not this year, as we have a wedding in the family that we cannot miss.  So our plan is to head south again this winter, then head to Alaska next summer.

Downsizing is another thing that needs doing at this time in our lives.  29 years of accumulation….all the “things” that were important to us at one time now have become forgotten items in the corners of the basement.  Funny how the basement filled up.  What will become of all this stuff if something should happen to either or both of us?  Who will deal with it?

And then there is the cost of maintaining a house we won’t be in:  The property taxes, insurance costs, utilities costs, who will mow the lawn? snow removal.

We love the house, have had many good years living here, but it’s time for it to go.

Just as we were pondering all this the telephone rang… it was the Epilepsy Foundation saying there were going to be in the neighborhood next week and looking for donations.  It’s a sign!

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