Cleaning Out

Since we got back home we’ve been going through all our things.  It’s a bit overwhelming the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the years.  I don’t think we ever got rid of anything!  This is going to take some time.  I took pictures of the larger items and posted them in an online album for the relatives to pick from.  Some have made claims.

Kyle With His Load

Kyle was first come get what he wanted

Andy came with a trailer and a friend to help load things.

Several boxes of misc stuff went to the Epilepsy Foundation, several boxes to the local charity, and loads of stuff to the local recycling center.  And, lots went to garbage.  There is still tons left.  Soon I will take more pictures and add to the online album.  Whatever the relatives won’t take I will offer to friends and neighbors.

The house has not been listed with a realtor yet, as we need to de-clutter and make it half way presentable before we make that step.

It’s a good feeling to clean out like this.  Should have done it years ago, but we weren’t ready to let go until now. Of course there will be some things we just cannot part with and we’ll have to find storage for.  And if the house never sells and we have to stay, it’s OK.  We’d just start fresh.

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