For Sale

Finally!  We have managed to dispose of most of our “stuff”.  More people have come with pickup trucks and trailers, more boxes have been donated to charity, more to recycling, and more to trash.

And another load goes out

I didn’t get a picture of every load that went out but I did remember to get this one of my sister and her friend as they were ready to leave with a SUV load and a trailer load of furniture and other goodies.

Now that most of the stuff is gone we have been able to focus on prepping the house for sale.  We stripped old wallpaper and painted and switched out the dining room light fixture. We’re good to go!  It’s on the market! woo!


Oh wow, reality hits.  Let’s hope somebody buys it now.  It’s been shown three times and one more scheduled for Saturday morning.  Knock on wood.

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