Goodbye House–Hello Road



And the adventure begins!   The house actually sold a few weeks ago and I’ve been anxious for the “sold” sign to appear.  Our plans were to leave for the east coast today.  Finally the “sold” sign went late yesterday!

Last week we had a family picnic and filled the yard with about 60 people, it was a blast…how great to see everyone again before we leave.

Our goal was to head out at noon today, but you know how it goes…all those last-minute details and errands to run and goodbyes to say.  We managed to lock the door to the house for the last time around 3:00 p.m. and head out for our new life on the road as full-time RVers.

Inside RV

Clean house but messy RV

In our haste to get on with our journey we had to scamper to get everything done.  The house looks really nice totally empty, but the inside of the RV kinda got dumped on.  The next few days will be spent tidying up and finding home spots for everything.  We still have a lot of “stuff” in our life.

Once we got moving we only went about 45 miles and stopped to wait out the rush hour traffic before heading into Minneapolis.  We stopped in the parking lot of a very new Fleet Farm store in Carver, MN.  While we were waiting we went shopping.  Eventually we headed up to I-494 and had no problems getting through Minneapolis and St.Paul, making it only to Menominee, Wisconsin, when it got dark and the rain began.

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