Erie, PA

Another day of just driving.  Today we were up early to try to beat the Chicago area rush hour.  It went quite well as we had no delays.  We put on 414 miles today and crossed into Eastern Time Zone, so we lost an hour.  We are on our way to visit my friend, Cindy, in New York.  It’s still 364 miles to her house, so we should be able to be there Saturday night some time.

Our gas expense today was $195.  We saw prices of $3.83 to $4.19 in IL, and $3.81 to $3.91 in OH.  We are finding lower prices in PA, as low as $3.73.



Along this drive today from Chicago, IL, to Erie, PA, we have seen a lot of triple trailers.  No big deal, but just something different to see that I don’t see in Minnesota.  And I didn’t have anything else to take pictures of.

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