Concord, NH

Busy day today.  We left the RV in a Walmart parking lot in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and drove the Jeep up to our son’s place in Concord, New Hampshire.  We delivered the goods from the house in Minnesota and then took him and his future bride out for dinner at Olive Garden.

On the way up we stopped at a roadside market.  They had fresh picked peaches, blueberries, honey and maple syrup and baked goodies.  Outside was an old Airstream turned into an ice cream shop.

Roadside Farm Market

The kids were not off work yet when we got there so we explored Concord a bit while we waited.  We found the Capital building and went inside.

Concord, New Hampshire, Capitol Building

This is the Nation’s oldest state house in which the legislature still occupies its original chambers, 1819.

The Senate

The House of Representatives

Main Street, Concord, New Hampshire

On the way home along Interstate 93 we came across this State Safety Rest Area, Information Center, similar to what you find along any Interstate Highway and were surprised to see that this one also included a Lottery Ticket and State Liquor Store.  Hmm, interesting.

Rest Area, Liquor Store, Lottery Tickets, Information

When we found our rig at Walmart we saw that five other RV’s had appeared while we were gone.  It looks like a mini campground here.

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