Bear Brook State Park, NH

Goodbye Boston, hello New Hampshire.  We have moved north to Bear Brook State Park very near Concord, New Hampshire, where Eric and Danielle live.  Our campground is in a remote location of this forested park down long narrow winding roads.  Oops, we missed our turn into the campground and could not find a place to turn around.  Backing up with a car in tow is not possible.  A policeman happened by and offered to escort us down some country roads where we could get turned around and going in the right direction.

Police Escort

Once we got settled in the newlyweds joined us for a campfire and food.

Danielle snuck a picture when we weren’t looking.

This morning we explored the campground and the area around it.  There are hiking trails and a small sandy beach and a place you can rent canoes.

Swimming beach

We are dwarfed by the tall trees.

We were happy to read in the park information that there was laundry facilities here.  However we discovered it was locked up pending future remodeling.  There are coin operated showers here too, $.25 for three minutes, but I was not interested in showering with daddy-long-leg spiders and mold.  Good thing we have our own shower with us.

Verizon phone signal is 3 bars.  3G internet is extremely slow and sometimes unavailable.  Making this blog post is a real struggle.  The price to camp here without water/sewer/electricity is $25/night.

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1 Response to Bear Brook State Park, NH

  1. Diane says:

    Can’t back up a motor home with a car on the back
    Can’t back up a motor home with a car on the back
    Can’t back up a motor home with a car on the back
    But you can do it if you’ve a mind to.
    All you gotta do is put your mind to it,
    Knuckle down, buckle down, do it do it do it

    THANKS Marsha. I’ve been singing that for the last half hour !!!!!


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