CCC Museum and Work Camping

Bear Brook State Park is beautiful and very popular, being nearly filled to capacity over the weekend, mainly with tent campers… we felt out of place.  We had to move our rig from one spot over to another one because our current spot had been reserved for someone else.  Our new spot was even more remote than our other one and internet service was nearly nonexistent. Thus, no blog for a few days.

Near the entrance to the park is a Civilian Conservation Corps Museum and a Snowmobile Museum.  The CCC was a government work for welfare program in the 1930’s until 1942, putting young men to work constructing roads and building the park facilities across the country.

Inside the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum

In the next building over is a Snowmobile Museum.

1961 Polaris Ranger, Manufactured by Hetten Hoist and Derrick Co., of Roseau, Minnesota

We got to visiting with the museum hosts, Bob and Bobbi and struck a friendship.  They have been full-time RVers for several years now and are Work Campers here along with two other couples.  The other two couples have already left for the season and Bob and Bobbi are alone.  Work Campers are given spots to park their RV with full hookups for free for volunteering their work at the Museum.  They offered us to park here for a while and see what Work Camping is all about, maybe we would come back another time and do it.  So, this morning this is where we moved to.

Camping spots behind the CCC Museum.

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