Google Maps and the Beach

This morning we got up early and went exploring.  The first thing we saw was the Google Maps Street View car. . I just HAD to get a picture of it.  Of course he was looking right at me when I pointed my camera at him!  I imagine he is used to it.

Google Maps Street View

New Hampshire has 17 miles of seashore.  It only took an hour to get there from where we are so we went out there and drove down to Massachusetts, up along the shoreline road to Maine.  It didn’t take long to visit three states.  For 10:30 on a Monday morning there were a lot of people out.  The weekend must have been incredible with beach goers.

Marine Memorial to Servicemen Lost at Sea

Atlantic Ocean

Portsmouth is just at the border of NH and Maine and a fun place to visit.  The downtown area is very historic and interesting.  We had lunch at a restaurant called Popover before we went in to Maine and then drove back home.

Downtown Portsmouth, NH

Then back home and out for supper with our new friends, Bob and Bobbi.

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