President Pierce and Pumpkin Chunkin

A family of wild turkeys greeted us this morning.  I got a picture through the window, but as soon as they heard a noise from us they scurried off.

Wild Turkeys

The New England states have tons of quaint little towns all over the place, many only 10 miles apart from each other.  We went for a drive to see what we could see.  In the town of Hillsborough is the boyhood home of America’s fourteenth president, Franklin Pierce, built in 1804.  We paid $5 each for the tour which lasted an excruciating two hours.  The guide knew a lot about the history of the house and the family and was eager to tell everything he knew.  My eyes started to glaze over.

Franklin Pierce Homestead

Driving from one town to the next was beautiful, hills, streams, trees and more trees.  And the communities are so interesting.  We came upon a covered bridge between towns, which was a pleasant surprise.

Covered Bridge

Near Greenfield, NH, is (or was) a nursery and farm stand whose owner needed something to draw people to his farm to buy his vegetables.  He chose to build a medieval trebuchet, a giant catapult that flings giant pumpkins, furniture, and appliances.  His plan did increase his sales 12 to 15 times what they had been before.

Yankee Siege Trebuchet

Giant Iron Pumpkin Smashing Ball

When we arrived there we found one man working on another trebuchet.  He told us how the business has shut down but how they have this new one they built that he had disassembled and was painting and re-assembling.  He told us some of the history of the place, and that some TV show will be here on Saturday to record them flinging stuff, so it does kinda live on.  They do take the newer one to a Pumpkin Chunkin competition in Delaware, and have won first place every year since 2004.

We have been having some trouble with two of the slide mechanisms on the motor home and we have an appointment early Wednesday morning to have it looked at.  So, we left the CCC Camp Museum to go park overnight in the parking lot of Camping World so we’ll be ready for them in the morning.

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