Mini Horse and Donkey Farm

While the motor home was being worked on we had to find somewhere to go so we went for another drive in the country.  After checking the GPS for attractions near us we found White’s Mini Horse And Donkey Farm was the closest to where we were.

Mules and Donkeys

A man named Bob came out to show us around.  It was kinda fun hearing his stories about the animals and the history of the farm.  Many of the mules and donkeys are rescue animals brought here by the non-profit Save Your Ass Rescue organization.

He introduced us to a feisty miniature horse who thought he was the king of the farm.  He was not afraid to show the bigger animals who was boss.

Miniature Horse

This used to be a big petting zoo with lots of other animals but now it’s just the horses donkeys and mules.

The repairs on the motor home are done (under $150) so we retrieved it and moved back in to our spot behind the CCC Camp Museum.  We will probably stay here until after Labor Day.

We met Eric and Danielle for dinner and then went to their place for a while before calling it a day.

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