Museum and Hutchinson

Our outing today was to the Museum of New Hampshire History in Concord.  Admission is $5.50 each.  It’s not a large museum but very nicely done.  Inside there is a mock fire watch tower you can climb up to look out over the city.

Museum of New Hampshire History

Also inside is an actual stagecoach that was one of many built in Concord in the 1800’s.

Concord Coach

But what caught our attention was a little display about the Hutchinson Family Singers from the nearby town of Milford, New Hampshire.  Yes, it is the same family that founded the town of Hutchinson, Minnesota, where we are from!

Photo of Asa, Judson, James, and Abby Hutchinson

Museum Exhibit of Hutchinson Singers

That was it for the display.  If you want to know more about the family [click here].

And about their involvement with the City of Hutchinson, Minnesota [click here].

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