Fair Fare

New Hampshire does fairs a bit differently than what we are used to in Minnesota.  Think of them more as regional fairs.  There is even a 4-H fair.  Today we attended the Hopkinton State Fair which is an agriculture fair.  It is a large fair but nowhere near the Minnesota State Fair in size or attendance and is on for only four days.  But we enjoyed it.

There were a hundred food stands. However, there was not a deep-fried cheese curd to be found.  And no mini-donuts, no Sweet Martha’s Cookies, no corn dog stands, and (gasp) NO food on a stick except for a few candied apples.  It’s just not right.

Their fair fare of choice is fried dough.  I would say fried dough is to the Hopkinton State Fair as cheese curds are to the Minnesota State Fair.  They were everywhere.

Fried Dough

Horse Pull

Dan and Rex


Sand Sculpture in Progress


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