Obama in Portsmouth

Early this morning we drove into Portsmouth for a more thorough look-around than we did when we were here last week.  We saw a very long line of people waiting.  I asked someone what they were waiting for and was told that President Obama was to arrive in about 4 hours from now and they were waiting to see him.  TV crews were there interviewing people in line.

The Never Ending Line

The line grew and grew all morning as we saw busload after busload of people arriving to stand in that line.

Mitt Romney Supporters and Anti-Obama Protesters

Welcome President Obama

The community was excited about Obama’s visit.  They have not had an “in office” president visit here since George Washington was president.  A photo of Obama’s car and his entourage would have been awesome, but his route in was a big secret so nobody knew where to look.  We missed it.

We did not have tickets to see him and didn’t want to stand in line for several hours anyway, so we spent our time looking around town.

Obama Supporter

Bow Street

Bow Street runs along the waterfront.  All these old buildings are now restaurants and have decks on the back that overlook the harbor.  We picked a seafood restaurant (naturally) and enjoyed a nice lunch overlooking the water.

Local Brew: Smuttynose Beer

View of the Harbor

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1 Response to Obama in Portsmouth

  1. Teresa says:

    Hey, I once waited 4 hrs + in line to see Obama. He spoke in St. Paul the night before sealing the nomination in the 2008 primary season. Btw, his speech last night at the DNC was GREAT!


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