Farmers Market and a Seafood Festival

I don’t think I’ve ever been to such a fabulous Farmers Market as the one we went to this morning in Portsmouth.  There were tons of vendors and loads of very fresh fruits and veggies all displayed in a beautiful and professional manner.  We also found fresh coffee brewed as well as a coffee vendor selling ground coffees and teas.  There was also lamb, goat, turkey, beef and pork, as well as home-made soaps, yarn, and pottery, baked goods and jams.  One vendor was frying eggs and making sandwiches.  Music was playing.

Farmers Market in Portsmouth

After taking our purchases home we headed out to see the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival only about 10 miles from here.  This has been named one of the top 100 Events in North America.  There were over 50 of the Seacoast’s top restaurants serving seafood, and there were 80 Arts & Crafts vendors and free entertainment.  There was to be a lobster roll eating contest and fireworks later tonight.  They closed several blocks of Ocean Boulevard, the road that runs along the entire seashore, and lined the streets with tents for this event. $5 admission, but there was free parking and a free shuttle to the parking lots.

Whole Lobsters for Sale

Lobster on a Stick!!

Yay! they had food on a stick!  Lobster, sword fish, shrimp, scallops wrapped in bacon and fried, maybe a few other items I forget.  (but no corn dogs or deep-fried cheese curds, just thought I’d mention that, but they’re not seafood items anyway so nevermind)

Sword Fish on a Stick, and Shrimp on a Stick

We shared a lobster roll, a bowl of lobster bisque, and a sword fish on a stick, and the best clam chowder ever.  It was all wonderfully delicious and cheaper than it would have been in a sit-down establishment.

One vendor told me they had to have seafood in their booth if they wanted to be in the festival.  She was a baker and wanted to be there so she invented lobster ice cream to sell along with her baked goods.  I tried it and it really wasn’t as awful as it sounds.  The lobster bits added a little salty contrast to the ice cream. Not at all fishy.

Singing Lobster Roll

Hampton Beach

We had enough sunshine and food and walking in the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds so we didn’t stick around for the lobster roll eating contest.  Maybe next year, or perhaps we’ll see it on TV tonight.

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