A Day in Portland

Our first stop today was at Fort Allen Park.  We were here before, but came for another look.  There are great views of Portland and the harbor here.  This is where we took the pictures of the cruise ship and the sailboat school the other day.  There is a memorial to the USS Portland, one of the most decorated ships of World War II.  Here is the top of the mast, the bridge sheet and the bell from that ship from when it was decommissioned.  There are other memorials here too, including a 9/11 memorial.

Fort Allen Park

We walked along part of a beautiful paved walk that goes all along the seashore and by that park and down past all the wharves.  It also takes you past the narrow gauge train that you can take for another scenic ride.

The Promenade Walk

Today we decided to take the trolley tour to see the town.  It’s a 90 minute narrated tour for $21 each.  Portland is not as big a city as I thought it was.  It reminds me more of Duluth, Minnesota.  There was no “hop on and hop off” on this tour like we have had on trolley tours in other cities but it did provide us with a feel for the town.  There was only one stop, at Portland Head Lighthouse, where we have already been.  The tour was fun as our driver had a great sense of humor and some good/bad jokes, but the tour itself was mostly big old homes and some old buildings.

Trolley Tour

Another View From The Portland Head Lighthouse Area

It’s hard NOT to eat lobster when you are here.  It’s everywhere.  And you can, if you want to, go down to where the wharf where the lobstermen bring in their catch and buy directly from them.  You can buy a live lobster for $2 or $3 that way.  But I am not going to do that.  We did, however, eat at one of the many restaurants that do serve lobster. (More do than don’t).  This lobster roll was $13.  It was definitely fresh, I could tell when I ate it.

Lobster Roll

You can get lobster bisque, lobster stew, lobster mac&cheese, lobster rolls, steamed lobster, lobster quesedillas, lobster bake, deep-fried lobster, and lobster salad.  That’s just what I’ve seen, but I’m betting there are more creative lobster dishes in some of the restaurants here.

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