L L Bean

We left Falmouth early this morning and went about 10 miles up to Freeport.  The first thing we saw was free RV parking!  OMG! (but not overnight).  In fact I think this whole town is free parking everywhere, including a 500+ parking garage.  How nice to see that after the parking struggles of the last few days.  Since we got there early we had no trouble parking our rig :).

Free RV Parking by LLBean

This is where the L.L.Bean Flagship Store is, plus more than that. They have a whole campus here with several L.L.Bean stores, (a bike store, a camping hunting & fishing store, and a home furnishings store) and restaurants.  L.L.Bean never closes, they don’t even have locks on the doors.  Today they were having an outdoor arts & crafts festival with live music on their campus.

L L Bean

L L Bean, Inc.

Across the street from the L.L.Bean campus is the Freeport Village Station.  This is a two level shopping experience filled with upscale outlet stores, other shops, and restaurants, as well as an L.L.Bean outlet store.

Just down the street is a unique McDonald’s restaurant.  The zoning restrictions in Freeport would not allow them to build their traditional restaurant so they put it in an old Victorian style house.


Inside McDonald’s

We stopped at When Pigs Fly bread bakery.  mmmm they had around 25 different flavors of old-world artisan breads.  Some free samples too!  We picked out a loaf of Blueberry & Raspberry w/Lemonade bread and a loaf of Baby Spinach, Onion & Garlic Ciabatta and took them home.  We immediately sliced the blueberry loaf and ate some.  It was so good, we went back to the store and bought another one! Good thing I had room in my freezer.  Click here to check out their web site:  www.sendbread.com

When Pigs Fly

I had another (mini) whoopie pie today.  mmmmm, yeah, what can I say… I’m a fan.  I am keeping an eye out for a pumpkin one, can’t wait.

For lunch we ate at Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen, where I had the lobster stew.  I had never had lobster stew before and this was amazing.  I liked it better than lobster bisque which I have always liked.

Honestly, I don’t know how I am going to get out of Maine without gaining some weight.

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