Brunswick, ME

This part of Main has more craggy peninsulas and offshore islands than it does wide sandy beaches.  It does make for some beautiful views.  There are a few roads into the peninsulas where you can find some vacation homes and residential areas.

Bailey Island Bridge, Harpswell, Maine

The plaque near the bridge reads:

“This 1150 ft. bridge is an exceptional engineering solution to meet unusual conditions and is the only one of its type in the world.  Open split Maine granite cribwork permits free flow of swift tidal currents, boat traffic, withstands saltwater exposure and ice floes. Completed in 1928.  Engineer L. N. Edwards.”

Here’s a closeup:

Granite Cribwork Bridge

Lobster Pound

These kinds of places are scattered all around the Maine seashore, they call them Lobster Pounds.  You can buy live lobster here fresh off the boat for the lowest prices.  This place will steam it for you if you want.

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