Camden Hills State Park

We had spent the last two nights in a Walmart parking lot, but we’re ready for a break from that, so we have moved further up the coast, stopping for a propane fill along the way. This is not a big expense, it was only $3.50 per gallon and our bill was $34.80, but then our gas expense was $100.  ($3.94/gallon).

It’s a beautiful sunny day, a good day for a drive.  It was about a one hour drive up to Camden Hills State Park.  The total fee there for us for two nights comes to $53.50.  These charges can add up, so we try to stay in Walmart lots as often as we can.  Although, we do end up spending money there so either way we pay.

Our Home For The Next Two Nights

Once we got settled in we went for a drive and a hike. Not far from our camp is a walk down to the water which took us to some great views.

Hiking Trail

The Ocean. Actually its Penobscot Bay but I call it the Ocean.

Then we drove to the top of Mount Battie.  Elevation is only 780′ but who cares, the view was amazing.  Too bad the camera just doesn’t do it justice. This is just a fraction of what we could see. No fall colors yet.

View from the top of Mount Battie

There is a tower we climbed up for an even better view.  This was built in 1921 as a memorial to the service rendered by the men & women of Camden in World War I.

Memorial Tower

Memorial Tower

Camden Hills State Park does have free wi-fi for its customers but they did warn that it was just for email and web browsing.  I got connected up to it but after placing only two pictures onto this blog I was booted out for excessive use of bandwidth.  pfffft

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