Camden, Maine

The rain stopped late this morning so we decided to go back to Camden and explore it some more.  It’s a small town, only about 5,000+ but it’s a big tourist town.  We found this lobster sculpture in Rockland, the sign says it’s the world’s largest lobster.

World’s Largest Lobster

A river runs through it.  It’s the Megunticoot River, and the town is literally built on it.

A Shop On The River

The Megunticook River in Camden

This little footbridge goes over the river and leads to the Camden Riverhouse Hotel.

Camden Riverhouse Hotel Footbridge

And then the river goes underneath a shop on Main Street, under the street, and under a shop on the other side where they have a little deck that overlooks the water as it exits and runs down into the harbor.  This is not specifically the town’s claim to fame, but we just thought it was interesting.

Downtown Camden, Maine

Moxie is a cola, similar to Coke, but not as sweet and slightly bitter.  Honestly, it’s not all that good in my opinion.  It is one of the first mass-produced soft drinks in the country and it’s Maine’s official soft drink. The town of Lisbon Falls has a Moxie Festival every year in July. Too bad we missed that.


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  1. Carol Larsen says:

    Love your blog. Am following it everyday. It is a nice way to see the country because you guys explore and find or notice places other people go right by. The only thing I wanted to see was a wedding picture of the whole family. Told Vicky Hoeft about you guys and she said “Good for you!”


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