Bar Harbor, Maine

We left Camden Hills State Park this morning for Bar Harbor Campground near Acadia National Park, landing a sweet spot with an ocean view.

Bar Harbor Campground

Cruise ships dock in Bar Harbor, but there were none scheduled for today so we went to see the city.  It’s another nice little tourist town with all the gift shops and restaurants and when the cruise ships come to these places they get crowded.

Bernie and a Whale

There is a pathway that runs about a mile along the ocean’s edge (named the Shore Path) that has been there for 100 years.  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed some great views while we walked it.

The Path

Bar Harbor

Ice Cream Anyone?

I had to take a picture of this Route 66 Seafood Restaurant.  I don’t think Route 66 ran through Main.  I’m sure it was interesting, but we did not go inside.

A Route 66 Seafood Restaurant

We ate at a place called the Lazy Lobster and shared a lobster, lobster bisque, and blueberry pie.

Lobster on a Paper Plate

Of course we just had to purchase blueberry beer.

Blueberry Beers

There was a colorful sunset tonight.  Even though the sun set in the west, this was the view to the east.

Colors at Sunset

The campground neighbors we had last night at Camden Woods are our neighbors again here at Bar Harbor.  They had a load of pallet wood for burning and we spent the evening sitting around the fire with them.


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1 Response to Bar Harbor, Maine

  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved that area when I was there 2 yrs ago…..almost to the day. Unfortunately, it rained lots. I love your blogs. Eat a lobster for me!


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