So much for the ocean view.  It rained during the night and now this morning  it was very foggy.

Morning View

We drove to Bar Harbor anyway, hoping the sun would come out.


It wasn’t long and suddenly it appeared!  The sun! yay! We could see there was a cruise ship in the harbor.

Finally the Sun Comes Out

It looked like it was going to be another beautiful day after all.  So, we decided to take a trolley tour of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  The tour included a trip to Mt. Cadillac.  We were excited to see some spectacular views from up there.  As we were going up I could catch glimpses of amazing scenery.  And when I stepped off the trolley I could see the fog was rolling in.  It arrived so quickly, by the time I walked down the sidewalk to the viewing area it was completely gone!  Just that fast!  And then an apologetic rainbow appeared.

Mountain View?

Back at the bottom the fog was gone (go figure).


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