Bangor, Maine

We thoroughly enjoyed Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor Campground and the friends we had made here and would have loved to have stayed a few more days.  However, the leaves are beginning to turn and we plan to be in New Hampshire when the colors are at their peak, so it was time to move on.

We’re near Bangor, Maine, now, at a Walmart parking lot with no less than ten other RVs here too.

What’s Paul Bunyan doing here?  Apparently Bangor claims to be the birthplace of the logging industry and so that means the birthplace of Paul Bunyan too.  This one is “Reputed to be the largest statue of Paul Bunyan in the world.”  It’s 31′ or 37′ tall depending on whether or not you include the pedestal he stands on.  Hmm, I wonder what Minnesota has to say about this.

Paul Bunyan

Stephen King lives here.  We stopped by to say hello but he didn’t answer the door.  I guess he wasn’t home.

Stephen King’s House

Bangor is smaller than I thought.  The population is only around 33,000.

Bangor, Maine

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2 Responses to Bangor, Maine

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  2. Jodi says:

    You guys are right near where my niece is going to college! Hope you are doing as great as it sounds like you are!! Take care.


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