Goodbye Maine

Maine was great, we enjoyed it very much.  Hopefully we will return some day.  But for now its back to New Hampshire, seeking the most spectacular fall color views.  The leaves are just beginning to turn so we may have to wait.  Our plan is to drive around the White Mountains in New Hampshire to maximize our leaf viewing experience.

The Beginning

We drove as far as Gorham, New Hampshire, and will park for the night in the Walmart parking lot here.  I think this is about the best view we’ve ever had from a Walmart lot.

Walmart View

It never occurred to me before to look for an app on my Iphone but today I found one.  It’s called Leaf Peepr and it allows users to send in ratings to update the peak leaf viewing areas on a map.  The area we are in is in the “moderate” area right now.

Leaf Peepr App

Oh, and I have added a Map tab to the menu bar at the top of this blog.  Clicking that will bring you to a map that will show you a track of the route we have driven so far.  I plan to update it every time we move.

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2 Responses to Goodbye Maine

  1. We are in Freedom, NH. Leaves are turning but looks like more color up by you right now. We leave in a week to head to upstate NY before we start to work our way south….happy peeping,


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