Mt. Washington Auto Road

Mt. Washington is the Northeast’s highest peak, elevation around 6,288′.  There is one road leading up to the summit that you can drive yourself if you really want to.  It’s an eight mile narrow two lane road with no shoulder and no guard rail.  We chose to take a tour van and let them do the driving so we can both see the sights on the way up.  We were so glad we did that 🙂

Observatory at the Top of Mt. Washington

View From the Summit

Before there was a road up here only horses and hikers would make it to the top.  They could get a meal and sleep in the Tip Top House when they got here.

Tip Top House


Ya, it’s Cold and Windy

The Appalachian Trail crosses over the Summit of Mt. Washington.


Another option to get you to the top of the mountain is to take the train.  The Cog Railroad climbs up the mountain on a track much like that on a roller coaster.  Only I don’t think the ride down is like a roller coaster.

The Cog Train Heading Back Down


After returning back to earth we went on a hike in search of a waterfall.  Along the trail we found ourselves face to face with a moose!  She looked at us and I quickly got out my iPhone/camera, turned it on, turned on the camera app and waited for it to load which seemed like forever, then quickly shot this picture. She started heading up the trail towards us so we all ran to hide behind the biggest trees we could find.  She was so close, but I just couldn’t get that great picture I wanted.


We Did Find the Waterfall

Here is one of the three covered bridges we found today.

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2 Responses to Mt. Washington Auto Road

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  2. How fun was it seeing that moose. I’ve been hiking the area all summer and all I saw was one bear (on the side of the road, not on the trail, thank goodness), not a moose in sight. We drove Mt. Washington and Hubby had a panic attack halfway up.


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