Bethlehem, NH

We do appreciate being able to stay overnight in Walmart parking lots, but we didn’t want to over-stay our welcome and we would like to have the hook-ups a real campground provides so we have moved to Apple Hill Campground in Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

Home Sweet Home

More rain and clouds, it’s just a gloomy wet day.  After we got settled in our new spot we went exploring.  Bethlehem, New Hampshire, is a very small town and not as touristy as other towns we have visited lately.  One thing we did find here was the remains of an Iron Furnace, the only blast furnace still standing in New Hampshire.  There is a small interpretive center and a small parking lot and the furnace can only be viewed from across the water as it is on private property.

Iron Furnace

Fall Colors

We can tell the colors are getting better every day and it was so disappointing that the light was so poor.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a more sunny day so we hope for some awesome pictures!

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