Sugar Hill, NH

Another Drizzly Damp Day.  Not wanting to stay inside all day we ventured out in the drizzle to find something to do.  Our first stop was at the local coffee shop in Bethlehem where we had some shoefly pie and a hedgehog cookie with our coffee.  I had heard of shoefly pie, but never have seen it.  This was simply a maple flavored coffee cake in a pie crust.  It was good but I liked the hedgehog cookie much better.  That is a soft flourless cookie made with dates, walnuts, and coconut.

Shoefly Pie and a Hedgehog

Next we headed to the nearby small town of Sugar Hill.  Our first stop there was at a place called Sugar Hill Sampler, a big gift shop/antique store/museum all in one building.  They had lots of really cool stuff.  Too bad I couldn’t buy any of it since we don’t have room for any “stuff” in our motor home.  But we enjoyed looking at everything and tried samples of the jellies, dips, and fudge.

Sugar Hill Sampler

The folks at Sugar Hill Sampler mentioned that we should stop at the open-air market just down the road, so that was our next stop.  There were about 20 arts & crafts vendors there.

Open-Air Market

Music was playing, we followed our ears to this machine.  We were getting wet so I just took this quick picture and then we left.


Just outside of town is Polly’s Pancake Parlor and Bakery.  Apparently this is the place to eat as the place was packed with people, so we stopped there for a late lunch.

Polly’s Pancake Parlor

Polly’s Pancake Parlor makes a variety of pancakes from scratch and all are served with a condiment tray that includes their own homemade pure maple syrup, pure maple spread, and granulated maple sugar.

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