Cog RR and Mount Washington Resort

According to the weather forecast we may see some partial sun on Tuesday if we’re lucky, but the rain will continue for another whole week.

It’s Still Pretty

The Cog Railroad seemed like a fun thing to do, but not in the rain and fog.  Yet people were lining up to ride it the 3.5 miles to the top of Mt. Washington anyway.  You know they won’t be seeing anything.  I’d love to take it some bright sunny day when you can see for miles.  We just went to look at it and to visit the museum about it.  It’s been here since 1869 and the museum shows you a lot about its origin and there is a very interesting video about its evolution.

Cog Railroad

The Cog System That Gets The Train Up The Mountain

The Mount Washington Resort is the big deal resort of the area with tons of amenities.  It is 100 years old and recently completed a $50 million refurbishment and expansion.  Parking was free and we went inside to have a look around.  Beautiful.  And it has some incredible views which we could not see today because of the rain and fog.

The Omni Mount Washington Resort

We considered eating there but we weren’t up for fine dining and reconsidered and went to a cafe down the road before going home.

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