Clark’s Trading Post

It rained all night and still foggy and drizzly this morning.  The weather is supposed to improve tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to catch some glimpse of the sun and get some good pictures.  Well, where do we go today where we can stay somewhat dry?

We decided on Clark’s Trading Post, a family touristy place with a bear show, gift shop, specialty shops, museums, and more.  They are winding down for the season and will shut down for the winter in two weeks.   We paid off-season admission price of $14 each, down from $19.  There were not a lot of people there, half the entertainment was closed off, half the food service venues were closed, but the shops and museums were open.  It was disappointing that so much was closed off, but we still enjoyed the bear show and the train ride.  Exit through the gift shop.

Clark’s Trading Post “Main Street”

Bear Show

Train Ride

The Wolfman harassed us all on the train as we went by, shouting and rambling on about us trespassing and invading his space.  Then he would get in his car and drive along side, yelling and threatening us.

The Wolfman


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