Crack and Cape Cod

We did not see this last night, but this morning we find a crack in our windshield. 😦  It’s about a foot long right now, let’s hope it doesn’t get any bigger yet.


Today we drove out to Cape Cod National Seashore, and to the town of Provincetown which is at the end of the road.  Our first stop was at one of the beaches on the Cape Cod Bay.  The tide was wayyyy out, we could walk out a long way, but didn’t find much for shells or anything.


On the ocean side we found the place where Marconi built the first US transatlantic wireless telegraph station 1901-1912. The first telegram was addressed to Edward VII King of England by President Theodore Roosevelt on January 19, 1903.

Marconi Station

There are still a few remnants of the station remaining, some of the concrete foundations and towers.  The ocean has nearly completely eroded the station away.  Wow, a lot has changed in the last 100 years.

November 20, 1620, the Pilgrims anchored the Mayflower and signed the “Mayflower Compact” where Provincetown is now.  Most people think that happened at Plymouth but that is where they later settled.  There is a big granite Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown.

Pilgrim Monument

Commercial Street (main street) is very narrow, I’m surprised they even allowed traffic on it at all.  For being the off-season there were still a lot of people walking around.  There are lots of art gallerys and museums and clubs here.  This is also a popular vacation destination for GLBT travelers and is known for its fun nightlife and eclectic scene.

Downtown Provincetown

It was getting late in the day and there is mist in the air, so we just did a quick drive-thru of Provincetown before heading back to the campground so we wouldn’t have to drive in the dark in the rain.  We’ll be back.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Man! For a minute there…..I thought you took to drugs on Cape Cod! Love reading your blogs!


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