Provincetown, MA

Sunny day! wooo!  Look at that blue sky!

I swear there were ten tour busses at the visitor center today as we drove by it.  When we got to this beach there was one bus there and it was from Minnesota, mostly Cottage Grove and Woodbury area people.


About 50 feet behind where this group of people is standing is where the first transatlantic telegraph cable was brought ashore in 1897 connecting us with Europe.  It stayed in service for 24 years until Marconi’s wireless machine took over.

Nauset Lighthouse

Highland Light

We visited two of the lighthouses here and then returned to Provincetown.  We rode the Provincetown Trolley for a 40 minute narrated tour of the town.  I could also call it a thrill ride as the driver took us the full length of Commercial Street.  It was amazing that she didn’t hit a car, a pedestrian, a utility pole, or a shop awning but it was so close!  No leaning out the windows!

Provincetown Trolley

Commercial Street in Provincetown

Provincetown Pier

There is a large pier off Commercial Street.  All these little shacks are places where you can charter a fishing tour, or whale watching, or para-sailing, and more.

Marina. Provincetown Skyline.

Provincetown’s population is just over 3,000 people, but in the summer the population rises to more like 50,000.

The town library was in a nice old building, but even more impressive was that on the 2nd floor there was a half-scale replica of a fishing schooner.

Fishing Schooner Inside Library

There are some old cranberry bogs in the Cape Cod area that appear to be left for nature to reclaim.  They are small fields separated by a grid of dikes.  The hiking trail runs along the tops of the dikes with a few benches to rest on.  We saw bird houses, bat houses, and bee hives in where the cranberries used to grow.

Walking Trail in Cranberry Bogs

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