Cape Cod Canal

There are some cranberry bogs in this area and it’s cranberry picking time.  We went in search of cranberry picking pictures.  Fail.  We did find some already picked bogs but a picture of that would be really boring.

But we did stop at this general store and got a kick out of the separate benches out front for the Democrats and the Republicans.

Separate Benches for Democrats and Republicans

In the town of Sandwich, we found this old house thought to be the oldest house on Cape Cod.  It closed for the season just yesterday and was all locked up.

Hoxie House, 1675

It’s looking more and more like the New England states roll up the streets and turn off the lights after Columbus Day.  Campgrounds are closing, some restaurants are closed, attractions are closed, and even the garbage is no longer picked up at rest areas and parks.

Closed and Sealed for the Season, Carry in – Carry Out Policy

Lobster does not have as huge of a presence here on Cape Cod as it did in Maine, but it’s still popular.  We found these Lobster Pot Pies in the store.  Too much for me.

Lobster Pot Pies

I don’t remember learning anything about the Cape Cod Canal when I was in school, but that was a long time ago, so perhaps I just forgot. Living in Minnesota it really didn’t matter to me.  Anyway, it is a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, and it is the widest sea level canal in the world.

Opening in 1914 the 17.4 mile canal crosses the isthmus at a narrow point essentially making Cape Cod an island and saving vessels up to 150 miles of travel and from the hazardous route around Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Canal

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