Johnnycakes and Coffee Milk, RI

Beautiful low-lying fog in the morning, but it wasn’t long before it lifted and the sun came out.

Low Fog in the Morning

After looking thru the tourist information we had we decided to drive to Rhode Island and take in the Johnny Cake Festival in the little community of Usquepaugh near West Kingston, Rhode Island, about 30 miles west of where we are parked. There is an old Grist Mill there that is the oldest manufacturing business in Rhode Island, and the second oldest continuously operating business in the state.  The festival was set up in the streets and the grounds around the mill.  There were about 100 vendors there.

Kenyon Corn Meal Co. and the Johnny Cake Festival

Johnny Cakes are simply corn meal, boiling water, and salt, no eggs or flour, and fried up like little pancakes.  They are a New England staple and some claim they originated in Rhode Island.  In the southern states they are called hoecakes.

Johnny Cakes with Maple Butter

Besides the Johnny Cakes other food items were clam cakes, clam chowder, shrimp, and lobster rolls, lots of other locally produced foods, and coffee milk. Coffee milk is another Rhode Island staple.  In fact, it is the Official State Drink of Rhode Island. There were a couple of vendors selling coffee syrup, so of course I had to buy one.  Just add a couple of tablespoons of this stuff to your milk and there you have it.

Coffee Syrup

Plummy – (Plum Beach Lighthouse)


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