Rainy Day

Ugh….rain all night and rain all day.  This morning we did get out to the grocery store for some needed supplies.  In between the raindrops I managed to get a few pictures.  These Canada geese greeted us on our way to the store.  I think this is the first flock of geese we’ve seen out here.

Canada Geese

Fall Colors


Mohegan Sun Casino

The rain kept up all day so we just hung out at home.  It’s a Friday night and people are arriving at the casino by the busloads and several more motor homes have arrived in the lot.  I think there are around 30 of us here now.  We decided to go to the casino and see all the activity.  It really has been very quiet all week and we wanted to see the difference.

There is nothing like a fresh Krispy Kreme donut still warm from the oven, so I had to buy just one… mmmmyummy.  Then we walked around for a while before finally breaking down and making a donation to the Mohegan Tribe.  Oh well, we’ve been camped in their lot for free so we justified it that way.

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