Parking Lot Living

I tried to get a picture of the casino but it’s down the hill and behind the trees making a view of it almost impossible.  This shot shows the large hotel casino in the background.  The right wing is nearly invisible due to the reflective nature of the building materials.  The parking lot we are in is above the other lots and above a big parking ramp.  There is no way to walk to the casino; a shuttle circulates through the lot about every 20 minutes 24/7 so we can come and go to the casino whenever we want.  There are several security vehicles that continuously cruise the lots too.

Home Sweet Home

We hopped the shuttle and went to the casino for lunch.  We walked around for a while, getting our exercise for the day while deciding at which of the 30 restaurants we should eat lunch.  I would love to have the rib-eye steak at Bobby Flay’s restaurant but the $42 price tag keeps me out.  There was a burger place that was much more in our price range, so Bernie had a (really good) burger and I had the best sweet potato fries ever!

Yes, that was the highlight of our day.

Bernie spent some time washing windows and cleaning the basement compartments.  Other than that we spent the rest of the day just hanging out, watching TV, reading and researching where we should go next.

Bernie Maintenance


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