Wash Walk and Watch

It’s laundry day today. Riverdale Farm Campsite has a small laundry, so that’s how we spent our morning. The good part about it is that I can use four washing machines all at once and they had a nice comfortable bench outside to sit on and enjoy the view while waiting for the machines to do the work ($2.25/load).

Pretty Tree

Nearby Hammonasset State Park , where we stayed in August, has already closed their campground for the season. We drove the Jeep over there to have a look around. We could not get into the campground, but we could see several cars in the parking lot. This is a popular place for people to walk their dogs.

We drove out to the Nature Center and went inside. We saw turtles and snakes in tanks and watched while they were being fed.

Near the Nature Center we saw this van with a really big antenna. I thought perhaps they were tracking sea life in the ocean, but turns out they are ham radio operators. Then we just walked along the beach and a short hiking trail we found.

Ham Radio Operators

Hammonasset State Park

Hammonasset State Park

It’s very calm now, but the news media is all abuzz about Hurricane Sandy on her way. People are bring ashore their boats and tucking things in, the utility companies and the Emergency Management Teams are gearing up. Our plan right now is to wait until we have more information early Saturday morning and then decide which direction we should go.

The Blue Dot is Where We Are


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