Pizza and Sandy

We met our daughter, Teresa, for lunch in New Haven, CT, today.  She took us downtown where we had mashed potato pizza (mashed potatoes, bacon, garlic, and a little cheese).  That was something new for us, and we liked it.

New Haven-style pizza is often called apizza and it has a very thin and very crispy crust, usually cooked in a brick oven.

Mashed Potato Pizza

Teresa had to get back to work, so we went home, didn’t do much other than walk around the campground and watch TV.

Hurricane Sandy is making her way here.   It looks like she will head inland around Delaware and go into Pennsylvania, although they still don’t know for sure where she will land.   Once that happens she will blend with an incoming cold front and could possibly spin in place for several days.  I’m hearing terms like “the storm of the century”, “Frankenstorm”, “unprecedented superstorm” “historic”.  But they said it won’t be snow.

I think there will be no escaping it.

Tomorrow morning we will leave where we are and go north, hopefully it won’t be quite as severe up that way.  We just want to get away from the shore, and away from any rivers that might flood. We will have a full tank of water and a full tank of gas, lots of food and TP and our own generator, we’ll be fine.

Hurricane Sandy

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2 Responses to Pizza and Sandy

  1. marksackler says:

    Love…New Haven…pizza….!!! 😀


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Bernie and Marsha: You are welcome at out home. We have water and electric hookup and our trailer is in storage. Let me know and I will email you our address. Sandy and Mark


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