Return to Mohegan Sun Casino

The campground we were in was very close to the coast, on a river, had lots of trees, utility poles and lots of wires.  In light of the on-coming severe weather we thought we should leave.  Another party at the campground decided to leave too, but they were going to try to get south before the storm hits land here.  Bernie decided we should go north instead.  OK, fine, let’s just get away from the coast.

Mohegan Sun Casino

Well, here we are back at Mohegan Sun Casino.  Yes, it’s north of the coast all right, but it’s only 11 miles north.  Bernie says it’s far enough.   I asked the security guard here what he thought and he thought we would be fine here.

My iPhone WeatherBug app predicts only 32 mph winds for us here for Monday night into Tuesday when it should be at its worst.  There are no overhead wires, no trees, and we are high above the nearby river.  We should be fine, but if  we get too worried we can always check into the casino hotel for a night or two.  Right now it’s cloudy, but not windy at all.

The Latest Storm Route

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