Shantok, Village of Uncas

Fort Shantok State Park was purchased by the Mohegan Tribe and renamed Shantok, Village of Uncas.  Just across the highway from the Mohegan Sun Casino it is the location of an old Indian village and a burial ground and is a very beautiful park.   Bernie and I went to see it today.

The Leaves are Falling

There are some very nice picnic areas and hiking trails.  We walked along the Freedom Forest trail.  This took us around a pond and through the woods on a nice wide well groomed gravel trail approximately a half mile long.

Freedom Forest Trail

Freedom Forest Trail

The Freedom Forest Trail was created in 2006 as a memorial to the Connecticut residents who served in the Persian Gulf war, 5 of whom lost their lives during Operation Desert Storm.  There is a plaque at the beginning of the trail explaining it all and listing all the names.

It’s a very cloudy day, but not much wind yet.  The casino security people relocated us to a lower parking lot that might provide better shelter from the predicted high winds of Hurricane Sandy that should begin tomorrow. We lost our nice view of the tree-lined river below, but hopefully it will be safer here.  There is a large parking ramp behind us that should block the wind.

Home Again


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  1. Very nice pictures. I used to live about half a mile from here and would walk through the park a lot when I was in high school (about 20 years ago now).


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