Hurricane Sandy

So far what we have experienced of this “Frankenstorm” hasn’t been any worse than any storm we’ve ever experienced in Minnesota.  Maybe that’s because we’re in a sweet location.  Sandy’s route hits land in New Jersey and goes west inland and right around Connecticut, so we will miss out on the worst of it.  But it ain’t over yet.

We slept well in the RV overnight.  Since the storm was supposed to start getting bad we took our valuables and blankets and pillows drove the Jeep to one of the parking ramps at the casino.  We’ve been hanging out inside the casino for most of the day.  We went to the Monday 2-for-1 buffet for breakfast and just stayed there through lunch!  What a deal 🙂  Then we just walked around the casino.  There are no windows to the outside and we can’t hear anything over the noise of the slot machines and music playing.

The only place to see the weather activity is through the Valet Parking entrance.  The Governor of Connecticut has closed the state highways, but people were still wanting their cars.  The Valet drivers were getting soaked and blown away as there was a wind tunnel effect under the awning there.

Valet Parking Wind Tunnel

We were curious how the motor home was holding up so we took the Jeep for a little ride around the grounds.  The weather didn’t seem so bad, really.  A little rain, some wind, a few sticks on the road, but nothing worrisome.

Thames River View

The motor home was just fine.  There was hardly any wind at all at this time where it is parked.  There were three other motor homes that had been in other lots that have joined us here now.  Hopefully they will all be safe here.

There Are Four of us Now

The worst part of the storm has not hit us yet and is due tonight.

The news media make it all sound so horrible, and I’m sure it is for many people, but so far for us, no big deal.  I hope I haven’t jinxed it now by having said that.  We haven’t decided yet if we will sleep in the motor home tonight or if we’ll sleep in the casino lobby or the Jeep.  The hotel is booked up, but that’s ok, I didn’t want to spend $300 anyway.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.

There are already about a dozen people sleeping in one of the bus lobbys.  All of the shops have closed (it’s like a mall here) but there are a few restaurants still open.  The Krispy Kreme shops and the Dunkin Donut shops are still open too so that’s good.  There’s a little sports bar here with a very large TV screen that has been playing all the weather reports.  The casino has closed off many of the gambling areas, and they are running on a skeleton crew.

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  1. Staysafe and don’t lose your life savings


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