Hurricane Sandy

Well, I guess we missed it.  Either it wasn’t all that bad where we are or we just were oblivious to it while we were inside the casino.

The first time we drove out to see if the RV was OK we found it was very much OK  so we didn’t worry about it too much.  Then at 10pm, after the worst of the hurricane was to have occurred, we drove out to see again.  Nothing…wasn’t raining, no wind, it was fine.


We had been watching the news reports on the TV’s inside the casino so we knew there was some bad stuff happening out there but when we saw everything was fine here we decided we did not have to sleep in the hotel lobby after all.  It was a quiet night and we slept well in the RV, counting our blessings.

In the morning we saw the bad reports to the west of us in New York City, to the south of us in Long Island and New Jersey, and to the east of us in Rhode Island.  We drove the Jeep into town to get Bernie’s morning coffee at McDonald’s.  The place was packed, and there was a long line at the drive-thru.  Apparently half the town and some of the small communities in the area are without power and people were coming here for a hot breakfast.

We did not see any damage on the one mile route to McD’s and decided we should be considerate not go gawking so we came right back.

Security asked us to move our RV back to the upper lot now that the storm is over, so we’re back in our regular spot.  We’re feeling quite at home here since we’ve been here two and half weeks (except for the 3 days we went to New Haven).  We do want to go south, but there are still many roads closed around New York City and that is the direction we need to go to get where we want to be so we will wait a few days before we go.

Everyone at Mohegan Sun Casino has been very nice, the security guard said they want us to be happy and we were very welcome to stay here as long as we want.

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