Getting Colder

We are discussing moving south.  The nights here are getting cold, being in the lower 30’s.  We’ve been running the generator more and more every day.  We have enough gas to run the generator and enough propane to run the furnace for a few more days.  We also have enough water for a while since we use the casino’s facilities as much as we can and buy bottled water for drinking.  But what we really need is electricity to run the electric heaters and we will eventually need some fresh water, and to find a sanitary dump.

We’d like to wait a few more days to give this area time to recover from Hurricane Sandy before we go looking for a more southern campground that might be open year-round.  Last year at this time we were in Maryland.  Many on the east coast are still without power and the traffic is extra bad around New York City while the public transportation systems are down.

As for today, we didn’t do much…slept in, watched TV, walked around the casino again just to get some exercise, and now watching more TV.  Four additional RV’s joined us in the parking lot today.  No pictures for the blog today.

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