Rocky Neck State Park

The nights are getting colder and now a nor’easter is predicted in the next several days.  This is a winter storm that is headed for New York and New England.  We think it’s about time for us to move south so we left our free comfy spot at Mohegan Sun Casino and went south.  OK, so we only went about 15 miles to Aces High RV Park in East Lyme, CT.  This is one of very few RV parks in Connecticut that is open all year round.  All other campgrounds have closed for the season.  They said their electricity was restored just last night.

We wanted to spend a night with full hookups and electric heat and get all our tanks emptied or filled before driving south into the Hurricane Sandy more seriously affected areas as we don’t know what we will find for our RV needs down that way.  It’s $50 for one night here and we topped off our propane tank, 6.8 gallons for a total of $28.97.  We’ll look for gas tomorrow.

Aces High RV Park 

Some areas around here are still without power.  We did see several tree-trimming trucks and several utility trucks out working.  We found one gas station that had a big sign out saying they had no gas.  But the other stations we saw did have gas.  Some stations have gas, but can’t pump it because they don’t have the electricity. Several traffic lights are still not working.

Rocky Neck State Park on Long Island Sound took on some damage.  The beach used to have a nice long boardwalk that got ripped out, some trees were damaged and the nice sandy beach was full of debris.  Workers had cleaned up a lot of it by the time we got there.  What was left of the boardwalk had been shoveled out.


There is a big beautiful shelter and terraces built by Works Progress Administration in 1936 that was blocked off.  Roof Slates have slid off the roof.

Area Closed!!  Keep Away From Building, Falling Roof Slates May Kill You!!

Broken Boardwalk

Boardwalk Pieces Piled up Neatly

Family of Swans

Dark Clouds

Missing Boardwalk Parts

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  1. Safe travels. Don’t know what your travel range is on a tank of gas, but it will be an issue depending on your route south.


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